Supervisor Clint Hickman Completes Year as President of County Supervisors Association


(Phoenix, November 19, 2015)—Completing a successful year of service, Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman ended his tenure as president of the County Supervisors Association (CSA) at the organization’s Board of Directors meeting on November 19, 2015.

“It was a great honor and privilege to serve as president of this important organization,” Supervisor Hickman said.  “I have a deep gratitude for the work of CSA and the significance of advocating on behalf of county priorities at the state legislature.”

Incoming CSA President and Coconino County Supervisor Mandy Metzger credited Supervisor Hickman with leading a strong coalition of counties dedicated to promoting efficient, responsive county government.  “Supervisor Hickman is a passionate public servant and a strong community leader.  He did a great job leading CSA and positioned the organization to be successful going forward.”

During his term as CSA President, Supervisor Hickman built a strong collaboration among county officials and state lawmakers to address important issues impacting county operations and constituent services.  His leadership helped ensure county leaders had a voice in major policy items under consideration during the 2015 state legislative session.  Though this was a difficult budget year for counties, Supervisor Hickman ensured that county needs were heard by state leaders.

Supervisor Hickman, a lifelong Arizona resident, demonstrated his dedication to his role as CSA President, by visiting all 15 counties during his term.  During his visits, he briefed each local county board of supervisors on legislative matters and took the time to learn about the unique challenges facing each county.  He shared, “By visiting every corner of the state, I was able to establish closer relationships with all 60 of my colleagues.  Some of the long drives I took allowed me to retrace roads I haven’t been on since I delivered eggs during the summers of my high school and college years.  I am profoundly grateful to CSA for providing me the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of every county in Arizona.”

CSA Executive Director, Craig Sullivan shared, “Supervisor Hickman is an outstanding and respected public official, and I am deeply grateful for the hard work and leadership he brought to this association. And, because of the strategic direction he helped us develop, he ensured counties and the state will continue to be partners in serving Arizonans.”

CSA is a non-partisan, non-profit research and advocacy organization representing the 61 county supervisors leading Arizona’s 15 counties.  For more than 30 years, CSA has served as a forum for county leaders to address important issues facing local constituents and develop a proactive state and federal policy agenda.


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