Promoting Fiscal Responsibility

Both Governor Jan Brewer and Supervisor Max Wilson were watchdogs for the taxpayer while they served as Supervisor representing District 4 – I pledge to continue that tradition. I am dedicated to keeping property taxes low and protecting the taxpayer. Maricopa County must continue to live within its means, do more with less, and avoid debt.

Protecting Luke Air Force Base

I fully support Luke Air Force Base, the F-35, and the hardworking servicemen and women who keep our country safe. Not only does Luke protect our nation and is an economic driver for the entire West Valley, but it is also used by many of the residents and retirees of the Sun Cities. I pledge to work with leaders across the West Valley to ensure that the base stays open for many years to come.

Supporting Jobs and Economic Opportunities

As a businessman, I know how to work with a board to effect change and get things done. I also understand the importance of getting the government out of the way to allow businesses to thrive. That is why I supported the moratorium on rules, reduced restrictions, and lower taxes to help the businesses in Maricopa County create more jobs and economic opportunities.