Sun City libraries lease talks under way

Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman said Tuesday those involved in discussions over leases for two county libraries in Sun City are “confident that a favorable solution for all parties will be reached.”

The Maricopa County Library District and the Recreation Centers of Sun City are discussing terms for a new lease agreement for the Sun City branch libraries operated by the district.

Space for both the Sun City Bell and Fairway branch libraries are leased from RCSC.

“In amiable fashion through community good will and trust we are exploring solutions to ensure the same level of exceptional library services continue in Sun City,” Hickman stated in a release. “We are confident that a favorable solution for all parties will be reached in a timely manner and library services will continue uninterrupted.”

While some have feared the libraries are in jeopardy of closing because of costs associated with the lease arrangement between the RCSC and library district, that is not the case, officials said Tuesday.

Cindy Kolaczynski, Maricopa County Library District director and county librarian, said the libraries have never been in jeopardy of closing.

RCSC General Manager Jan Ek said “when the Maricopa County Library District agreed to take over the operation of the Sun City libraries almost five years ago, I am not sure that any of us knew just how much it would truly benefit our community.

“And with the help of the Friends of the Sun City Libraries in creating programs at our libraries, we have created a great resource for Sun City residents. We have successfully worked with Maricopa County officials for years, and this certainly will not be an exception.”

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